Making OR Faking: My Latest Documentary

I made a short video documentary for the 6th International Conference on the Safety of Journalists – Risks, Resistance and Resilience held on 2-4 November 2020, at the Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway.

Professor Mofizur Rhaman while giving an interview for the documentary

This video documentary explores issues related to fake news and disinformation and its impact on journalism practices in the mainstream media in Bangladesh. I (producer and director) took a qualitative approach and performs a set of key informant interviews to illustrate critical documentation and insights about the issue in Bangladesh. The video can be useful to instigate a more in-depth academic discussion on the issue in similar contexts. 

Thanks to: The Conference Management Team, Professor Kristin Skare Orgeret, EKMATTRA Society, Those who actively contributed to the film.

The film is available to watch at the OsloMet university’s website: To watch it, please follow the following link:

Making or Faking

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