1. Director, When Words Are Not Enough (2016), British Library for Development Studies (BLDS), University of Sussex, UK, 13 Minutes, HDV Format
  2. Writer and Director, Mrittikar Moto Tumi Aaj (2011), Centre for Practical Multimedia Studies (CPMS), University of Dhaka, 32 Minutes, DV Format (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6mM82NHXVc)
  3. Writer and Director, Nature and Practice of Sports Journalism (2010), Masters Project, Oslo University College, Norway, 39 Minutes, DV Format
  4. Producer, Waiting for Godot (2010), British Council, Bangladesh Documentary Council and Scottish Documentary Institute, 4 minutes, DV Format
  5. Assistant Director, Je Shohor Chorabali (2008), EKMATTRA Society, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 79 Minutes, HDV Format
  6. Assistant Director, Smalls Arms are Not Small (2007), Centre for Alternatives, University of Dhaka, 23 Minutes, DV Format